Whistleblowing Channel


AirAsia X Berhad's Whistleblowing Policy is to enable genuine and legitimate concerns to be raised by employees, directors and others. The policy provides an opportunity for those concerns to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken to ensure that the matter is resolved effectively and within the Company wherever possible.


AirAsia X Berhad requires all employees and directors to comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations and Company policies. To provide procedures for reporting potential and actual violations relating to any law, rule, regulation or Company policy, the Company has established this Whistleblowing Policy, which:

  1. Governs the process through which employees, directors and others may report:

    • Commission of fraud and/or corruption;

    • Non-compliance with Company's policies and procedures and/or code of conduct;

    • Negligence;

    • Unauthorised use of Company's money, properties and/or facilities;

    • Disclosure of Company's Information without proper authorisation;

    • Exposure of Company's property, facilities and/or staff to the risks of safety and security;

    • Commission of acts which intimidate, harass and/or victimise any members of the Board of Directors, Management or employees of the Company;

    • Abuse of position;

    • Involvement in conflict of interest and/or business opportunities positions;

    • Commission of unlawful acts;

    • Failure to meet professional standards; and

    • Concealment of any of the above.

    Do not report the following:

    • False and malicious concerns;

    • Defaming concerns; and

    • Concerns without any basis or insufficient evidence.

  2. Establishes a mechanism for responding to any reports from employees, directors and others regarding such potential violations or concerns;

  3. Prohibits retaliation against employees raising such potential violations or concerns; and

  4. Establishes procedures for the retention of records of reports.


Head, Internal Audit


Handling Reports

Confidentiality And Retaliation

Performance Measures & Non-Conformance Criteria

Report issuance time - Within 14 working days after a complaint has been received


Record Record ID Location Duration
Reports and related documentation WB-xxxx Headquarters - KUL 7 years